Template:अनुवाद nikāraguvā (निकारगुवा) uttara-amērikā-mahādvīpē madhyakṣētrē dēśaḥ as‍ti.

Colonized by Spain in 1524, Nicaragua achieved independence as an independent state in 1821 and joined the United Provinces of Central America. It separated from the federation in 1838, becoming a completely sovereign republic in 1854.

The nation's early history was strongly influenced by military U.S. interventions and marred by lengthy periods of military dictatorship, the most infamous being the rule of the Somoza family (supported by U.S. goverments) for much of the early 20th century. In 1979 the Somoza family was deposed, and a multi-factional coalition took control of the government. Conflicts within the coalition eventually resulted in power being consolidated by Daniel Ortega, who was elected President (in elections marred by opposition refusal to participate) in 1984. Ortega and his Sandinista followers implemented a series of ambitious socialist reforms to the country, but the new president's rule was undermined by increasing civil war in which the United States, under President Ronald Reagan, funded rebel forces, called Contras.

Multi-party elections were held in 1990, and the country has retained a fairly stable democracy since then.

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