बोत्सवाना अफ्रीका- महाद्वीपे दक्षिणे मंज अख मुलुख.

Botswana adopted its new name after becoming independent on September 30, 1966. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Namibia to the west, Zambia to the north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast. The economy, closely tied to South Africa's, is dominated by cattle raising and mining. The capital is Gaborone.

सम्‍बद्घ विषय:

ace:Botswana af:Botswana als:Botsuana am:ቦትስዋና an:Botswana ang:Botsƿana ar:بتسوانا ast:Botsuana az:Botsvana bat-smg:Botsvana bcl:Botswana be:Батсвана be-x-old:Батсвана bg:Ботсвана bm:Botswana bn:বতসোয়ানা bo:བྷོ་ཙི་ཝ་ན། bpy:বোৎসোয়ানা br:Botswana bs:Bocvana ca:Botswana ceb:Botswana crh:Botsvana cs:Botswana cv:Ботсвана cy:Botswana da:Botswana de:Botsuana diq:Botswana dv:ބޮޓުސްވާނާ el:Μποτσουάνα en:Botswana eo:Bocvano es:Botsuana et:Botswana eu:Botswana fa:بوتسوانا fi:Botswana fiu-vro:Botswana fo:Botsvana fr:Botswana frp:Botsouana fy:Botswana ga:An Bhotsuáin gd:Botsuana gl:República de Botsuana - Republic of Botswana gv:Yn Votswaan ha:Botswana hak:Pok-tshṳ-ngá-na̍p he:בוטסואנה hi:बोत्सवाना hif:Botswana hr:Bocvana ht:Botswana hu:Botswana hy:Բոթսվանա ia:Botswana id:Botswana ie:Botswana ilo:Botswana io:Botswana is:Botsvana it:Botswana ja:ボツワナ jbo:botsuanas jv:Botswana ka:ბოტსვანა kk:Ботсвана kn:ಬೋಟ್ಸ್ವಾನ ko:보츠와나 ksh:Botswana ku:Botswana kw:Botswana la:Botswana lb:Botswana lij:Bòtswana lmo:Botswana ln:Botswana lt:Botsvana lv:Botsvana mk:Боцвана ml:ബോട്സ്വാന mn:Ботсвана mr:बोत्स्वाना ms:Botswana mt:Botswana mzn:بوتسوانا na:Botswana nah:Botzhuana nds:Botswana nl:Botswana nn:Botswana no:Botswana nov:Botswana nv:Tswana Dineʼé Bikéyah oc:Botswana os:Ботсванæ pam:Botswana pap:Botswana pdc:Botswana pih:Botswana pl:Botswana pms:Botswana pnb:بوٹسوانا ps:بوټسوانا pt:Botswana qu:Butswana rm:Botswana ro:Botswana roa-rup:Botswana ru:Ботсвана sa:बोत्सवाना sah:Ботсуана sc:Botzuana scn:Botsuana sco:Botswana se:Botswana sg:Botswana sh:Bocvana simple:Botswana sk:Botswana sl:Bocvana so:Botswana sq:Bocvana sr:Боцвана ss:ÉButjwána stq:Botsuana sv:Botswana sw:Botswana szl:Botswana ta:போட்சுவானா te:బోత్సువానా tg:Ботсвана th:ประเทศบอตสวานา ti:ቦትስዋና tl:Botswana tn:Botswana tr:Botsvana ts:Botswana udm:Ботсвана ug:بوتسۋانا uk:Ботсвана ur:بوٹسوانا uz:Botsvana ve:Vhu-Tswana vec:Botswana vi:Botswana vo:Zvanän war:Botswana wo:Botswana wuu:博茨瓦纳 xal:Ботсвамудин Орн yo:Bòtswánà zea:Botswana zh:波札那 zh-classical:波札那 zh-min-nan:Botswana zh-yue:波茨華拿 zu:IButswana

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