बुर्कीना-फासो अफ्रीका- महाद्वीपे देश: अस्‍ति.

Formerly called Upper Volta, it was renamed in 1984 by President Thomas Sankara to mean "the land of upright people" in Mossi and Dyula, the major native languages of the country. Independence from France came in 1960. Governmental instability during the 1970s and 1980s was followed by multiparty elections in the early 1990s. Several hundred thousand farm workers migrate south every year to Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana.

The capital is Ouagadougou, referred to by locals, the Burkinabé, as "Waga."

सम्‍बद्घ विषय:

ace:Burkina Faso af:Burkina Faso ak:Burkina faso als:Burkina Faso am:ቡርኪና ፋሶ an:Burkina Faso ar:بوركينا فاسو ast:Burkina Faso az:Burkina Faso bat-smg:Borkėna Fasos bcl:Burkina Faso be:Буркіна-Фасо be-x-old:Буркіна-Фасо bg:Буркина Фасо bm:Burkina Faso bn:বুর্কিনা ফাসো bo:བུར་ཀི་ན་ཕ་སོ། bpy:বুর্কিনা ফাসো br:Burkina Faso bs:Burkina Faso ca:Burkina Faso ceb:Burkina Faso crh:Burkina Faso cs:Burkina Faso cv:Буркина Фасо cy:Burkina Faso da:Burkina Faso de:Burkina Faso diq:Burkina Faso dsb:Burkina Faso dv:ބުރުކީނާ ފާސޯ ee:Burkina Faso el:Μπουρκίνα Φάσο en:Burkina Faso eo:Burkino es:Burkina Faso et:Burkina Faso eu:Burkina Faso fa:بورکینافاسو ff:Burkina Faso fi:Burkina Faso fiu-vro:Burkina Faso fo:Burkina Faso fr:Burkina Faso frp:Burkina Fasô fy:Bûrkina Faso ga:Buircíne Fasó gd:Buirciona Faso gl:Burquina Faso - Burkina Faso gv:Burkina Faso ha:Burkina faso haw:Burakina Faso he:בורקינה פאסו hi:बुर्किना फासो hif:Burkina Faso hr:Burkina Faso hsb:Burkina Faso ht:Boukinafaso hu:Burkina Faso hy:Բուրկինա Ֆասո ia:Burkina Faso id:Burkina Faso ie:Burkina Faso ilo:Burkina Faso io:Burkina Faso is:Búrkína Fasó it:Burkina Faso ja:ブルキナファソ jv:Burkina Faso ka:ბურკინა ფასო kg:Burkina Faso kk:Буркина-Фасо kn:ಬುರ್ಕೀನ ಫಾಸೊ ko:부르키나파소 ku:Burkîna Faso kw:Burkina Faso la:Burkina lb:Burkina Faso li:Burkina Faso lij:Bòrkinn-a Fäso lmo:Burkina Faso ln:Burkina Faso lt:Burkina Fasas lv:Burkinafaso mk:Буркина Фасо ml:ബർക്കിനാ ഫാസോ mr:बर्किना फासो ms:Burkina Faso mt:Burkina Faso na:Burkina Faso nah:Burquina Faso nds:Burkina Faso new:बुर्किना फासो nl:Burkina Faso nn:Burkina Faso no:Burkina Faso nov:Burkina Faso oc:Burkina Faso os:Буркина Фасо pam:Burkina Faso pih:Burkina Faso pl:Burkina Faso pms:Burkina Faso pnb:برکینا فاسو ps:بورکينا فاسو pt:Burkina Faso qu:Burkina Phasu rm:Burkina Faso ro:Burkina Faso roa-rup:Burkina Faso ru:Буркина Фасо sa:बुर्कीना-फासो sah:Буркина Фасо sc:Burkina Faso scn:Burchina Fasu se:Burkina Faso sh:Burkina Faso simple:Burkina Faso sk:Burkina sl:Burkina Faso so:Burkina Faso sq:Burkina Faso sr:Буркина Фасо stq:Burkina Faso sv:Burkina Faso sw:Burkina Faso szl:Burkina Faso ta:புர்கினா பாசோ te:బర్కీనా ఫాసో tg:Буркина Фасо th:ประเทศบูร์กินาฟาโซ tk:Burkina Faso tl:Burkina Faso tr:Burkina Faso ts:Burkina Faso ug:بۇركىنا فاسو uk:Буркіна-Фасо ur:برکینا فاسو uz:Burkina Faso vec:Burkina Faso vi:Burkina Faso vo:Burkinän war:Burkina Faso wo:Burkinaa Faaso xal:Буркинапасин Орн yo:Bùrkínà Fasò zh:布吉納法索 zh-min-nan:Burkina Faso

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