नेपाल एसिया मंज अख मुलुक, राजधानी काठमाडौं:.

नेपाल अधिराज्य (Nepal Adhirajya)
Flag of Nepal Coat of arms of Nepal
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<tr><td align="center" colspan=2 style="border-bottom:3px solid gray;">National motto: </br>जननी जन्मभूमिष्च स्वर्गादपि गरियसि</br> "Ja'nani Jan'mabhumis'hchaa Svar'gadapi Gariyo'shi: The Motherland Is Worth More than the Kingdom of Heaven" (translation from Sanskrit) <tr><td align=center colspan=2>File:LocationNepal.png</td></tr> <tr><td>Official language <td>Nepali <tr><td>Capital <td>Kathmandu <tr><td>King <td>Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev <tr><td>Prime Minister <td>Sher Bahadur Deuba<tr><td>Area
 - Total
 - % water<td>Ranked 94th
147,181 km²
2.8% <tr><td>Population
 - Total (2000)
 - Density<td>Ranked 40th
184/km² <tr><td>Unification <td>1768 <tr><td>Currency <td>Nepalese Rupee (NPR) <tr><td>Time zone <td>UTC +5:45 <tr><td>National anthem <td>Rastriya Gaan (May Glory Crown You, Courageous Sovereign) <tr><td>Internet TLD<td>.NP <tr><td>Calling Code<td>977 </table>

इतिहास: Edit

Nepal has a long history. The more recent history of the 19th century is deeply connected with Indian freedom struggle. Around the early 1900s Nepal was being ruled by autocratic rulers with the king as basically a puppet of hereditary prime ministers called 'Ranas'. Nepalese students studying in India during those times organized themselves in the ways of the Indian freedom struggle to overthrow the autocratic regime. Primary amongst them was Dr Dilli Raman Regmi, B. P. Koirala and others. Nepal became free from the Rana’s in 1953 and briefly had an experiment with democracy. In 1958 under Dr Dilli Raman Regmi as the home affairs minister the first multi-party elections in the history of Nepal took place. Regmi lost the elections and the Nepali Congress came to power. But intense squabbling and corruption followed, and King Mahendra dismissed the government and took over as absolute monarch. Till 1990 Mahendra's son King Birendra followed a partyless 'Panchayat System' of government with basically a handpicked government. In 1989 Nepal again witnessed a democracy movement culminating with another phase of democracy. This phase, however, has been little better than the previous as it too has been characterised by extreme corruption. This has left Nepal no longer a democratic nation, but one that of kleptocracy. Following wide scale apathy and powerhungry Maoists launching their movement only 6 years into democracy, Nepal is now bordering on becoming a failed state dependent completely on international beggary. On June 1, 2001 the Heir Apparent Dipendra went on a killing spree in the royal palace in an angry response to his parents' refusal to accept his choice for a wife. He shot and killed his parents, the King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya, as well as several other royal cousins before turning the gun on himself. His suicide attempt failed, however, and although in a comatose state, he was proclaimed the king (in accordance with Nepalese tradition) in his hospital bed. He died a few hours later. Following this, his uncle (Birendra's brother) Gyanendra was proclaimed king on June 4. Nepal is currently embroiled in a long-lasting civil war, the Nepalese People's War.

Politics Edit

The former king Birendra was open to parliamentary democracy, and restored it after a referendum in 1990. King Birendra was widely respected by the people of Nepal. However, quarrels between various political parties and numerous social problems caused a Maoist rebellion which has been escalating since 1996 (see Nepalese People's War). Since the ascension of Gyanendra the king has been trying to excercise more control over the government to combat the rebellion and other problems. Democracy has been largely supended by Gyanendra who has taken control of government.

अञ्चल Edit

Nepal is divided into 14 zones (anchal, singular and plural): Bagmati, Bheri, Dhawalagiri, Gandaki, Janakpur, Karnali, Koshi, Lumbini, Mahakali, Mechi, Narayani, Rapti, Sagarmatha, Seti Zones are divided into 75 districts called (jilla जिल्ला) Largest city is Kathmandu

References Edit

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